Our Purpose

We are excited to provide the safest phone connections worldwide, with the core values of innovation, integrity, and expertise.

It is our belief that privacy matters. When making a phone call people should feel safe, knowing for a fact that nobody else is listening in - not even intelligence agencies. Our uncompromising and impossible-to-crack voice encryption technology makes this available to everyone around the world.

Our passion is to provide worldwide secure telephone services over the internet, landlines and mobiles.

Secure Connection

100% "Swissness" - a culture of excellence.

Our History

With a team of a combined two decades of telecommunications knowledge and experience, in less than a year we have rolled out our technology services to over 50 countries around the world. And that's just the beginning. Our services will be rapidly expanding to several other world markets within the next year.


Our voice encryption is based on a recent technological Swiss breakthrough. Our technological platform, which includes video and data, has the capacity to run multiple millions of minutes per minute. Our platform has been approved by major telecommunication experts and companies, including an approval from BAKOM (Bundesamt für Kommunikation), which allows us to provide our services in Switzerland and all over the world.


We enthusiastically combine unique and compelling securities, along with technological innovation and industry leading customer service to make Globacom the clear choice among consumers throughout the world.

Globacom Ltd. is a registered Telecommunications Service Provider with EOFCOM (BAKOM)